Guerra Social / Social War

© Thesmilingtears

I took this photo in Lérida, a small city in the West coast of Catalonia. As you may have heard in the news, Catalonia is at the moment reopening the debate (which never had been really closed in fact) of their independence, as something around 1.5 billion people (spanish government said 600.000 people, organizers said more than 2billions) walked peacefully in Barcelona on the 11th of september claming their independence.
In this part of Catalonia, I’ve seen a lot of tags claming revolution and “guerra social” – social war (I’ve got some other pics that I’ll download later) an also loads of independent catalonian flags. People here spoke mostly catalan, and as a matter of facts I didn’t really feel being in Spain when I was visiting there, but more in Catalonia only.
Anyway this is a very complicate and controversial debate, and even after living one year in Barcelona I can’t say whether I’m for or against the Independence of Catalonia.


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