I’m not feeling well

I'm not feeling well


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

” Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much.For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of  appreciation, our neighbours build their philosophy of life ” – Archibald Joseph Cronin

© Thesmilingtears

Thankful. Wow, this is a small word for so much interpretations.

I’m thankful to hundreds of things, but first of all I’m thankful to people. I’m thankful to people who are here with me, who help me in good or bad moments or just who make me think that this world can be a beautiful place. This apply to my friends, to my parents, to my sisters, to the man who held me the door this morning and to the woman who helped me find my way in the narrow streets of Barcelona, to the farmers who provide me food everyday, to all my long term relationships or to strangers. I’m thankful to people to whom I rely on and who rely on me.

This is why I chose this photo. Everyone here holds on to one another, and each person can say “thank you” to the person next to him or her. It seems to me that this is how our society works, or at least should word. Because, when we think about it, we all depend on others.

Holding hands on the way home

Eiffel Tower playing hide and seek

© Thesmilingtears

I wasn’t sure it was really worth it to post this photo, as there are already hundred of amazing pics of the Eiffel Tower, but at last I decided to post it anyway! I like how it seems to be in the middle of a park, hidden beside those bright green spring trees. It was took with a digital camera so unfortunately the quality is very low…
Did you know that at first the Eiffel Tower was supposed to be destroyed, as it was built for the Universal Exposition of 1889? Good thing Paris decided to keep it because nowadays, it is the most visited monument in the world with a charge for entry, and it welcomes almost 7billion visitors per year.

Hello darkness my old friend, i’ve come to smile to you again

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

                   © Thesmilingtears

This photo is a self(half)portrait. I painted the centre of my lips red and then put some foundation at their edges to give this style. I then edited it using Windows Live 7 photo editor (like always I clicked on everything and chose what I liked the most). I don’t know why it is so small so I’ll update the post when I find out.

First signs of Winter

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